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Our story
Our name is derived from “the Palio”, a century old horse race run through the streets of Siena, Italy. Remarkably, today it is still raced by jockeys riding horses bareback in colorful medieval attire. The enduring ability of the citizens of Siena to maintain these historical traditions inspired us to name our company after their great old race. We are equally adamant to preserve the ageless artisan coffee roasting traditions handed down from master to apprentice.

There are certainly faster, more efficient ways to roast coffee beans. We believe no other method results in the fine aroma and rich flavor as handroasting coffee in small batches in the traditional method of artisan roasters.

We start with some of the most expensive, highest quality, green beans we can source from the shade grown coffee regions of Central America and East Africa. Next we use our 30 years of experience in the arcane art of blending, roasting and tasting to produce our signature deep, dark roast that delivers handcrafted smooth taste to your cup.

Our master coffee roaster hand inspects every batch of ethically sourced green beans, blending them together in a small batch then carefully roasting them in a cast iron roaster. While roasting, he patiently monitors the beans from first crack until they are finished to the desired roast profile. The beans are then air cooled and packaged and delivered fresh to our customers.

Tom Carhart